Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lotusphere 2008 Report Day 1, Part 1 - The Hoss is learning!

I've decided that at least for the Jumpstart sessions this year, I am going to attend sessions that I would not normally attend. Granted, my primary role at the office is the Domino Administrator which means I am responsible for for care and feeding of the Domino servers....and reading people's mail ;-)
But this morning I felt that I need to expand upon that and what better way to do that then to attend the JMP 401 - QuichStart: Warp 9 - Getting up to speed on Social Software and IBM Lotus Connections. Now I know what Connections is and what it's used for, but I don't know what Connections "is". It's like saying, "I know how to cut with a knife!" But, can you use that knife like the guy at the Hibachi style steak house or do you use it to put butter on a piece of bread. Lots of good information on the session plus some practical information on roll out techniques. Next up was birthday boy Bill Buchan's session JMP206 - Web Services Bootcamp. Wow! That was a lot of information there. I've actually been stuck on an issue at the office with getting an address book to push down to BlackBerry's and I was able to take away some good background information on where to look for the answer.
Now it's about time to head out to the last session of the day which will likely be Quickr in Action session. But first, I want to catch the score of the game.

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