Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Okay, I lied...

There is something that I can blog about.
A few weeks back after upgrading my main mail hub/cluster server, several people reported that items in their inbox disappeared. Any new items appear in their inbox, but items that had been there before I did the upgrade were now only viewable in "All Documents". The REALLY weird part about this is that I did nothing to the design of the mail template. They all had inotes6.ntf before I did the upgrade, and they all had inotes6.ntf as their template after the upgrade. So, after doing some digging around, I found a technote on how to fix it. I used the code in Example 1, and it worked great. Okay, I had to put a call into Lotus because I didn't select Lotuscript as the code of choice, but the seven people are now fixed.

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