Thursday, June 15, 2006

No show, but a lot of tell!

This morning marked the return of the N.E.O.L.U.G. The Northeast Ohio Lotus User Group had its first meeting this morning, (after a couple of year hiatus), and it was well worth the drive to Cleveland! Christopher Crummey, IBM Worldwide Business Unit Executive for Workplace, Portal and Lotus Collaboration Software, (type that 10 times fast!), gave a fantastic presentation on the future of Notes/Domino and its roll in the Workplace family. Probably the biggest thing I took away from his presentation today was an equation. Hannover >= Notes. Once again, IBM is able to show that if you are a current Lotus Notes/Domino user, your investment is safe. If you upgrade to the new technologies, its an upgrade, not a migration. According to Chris, migration is a 4 letter word. I was glad to see so many Notes/Domino professionals from the area there. To be honest, I really didn't know that there was that much of a Domino community in the area. I hope this keeps up because it means that the group will flourish and more and more speakers will come. Sat next to Gregg at the meeting. Hadn't seen him in a couple of years, but always nice to talk with him. Which brings me to my next point.
Over the past couple of days, I have noticed that hits to my happy little blog have shot through the roof! I couldn't understand why..that is until I saw where the reffering hits were coming from. Gregg had answered a question for someone on Notes.Net/LDD and linked back to an entry I put in. Also, my old blog-buddy Chris posted a link back yesterday on Chris Miller's blog, and there was a bunch more hits to my blog. Wow! Not just from North America, but all over the world! So, if your new to my blog...welcome! Stick around for a while. Every now and again I try to squeeze out some nugget of knowledge to share with the class. If it helps you out, fantastic! That's why I do this. If it breaks something....then blame Gregg or Chris for getting you here ;-)


Chris Whisonant said...

Gee, thanks!!! =)

I still haven't done my 4.1 BES upgrade (with BES, it's more of a migration than upgrade, right?). ;) But we are going to be ordering a new xSeries for our BES! woohoo!

Chris Whisonant said...

Oh by the way, Gregg will post links to me at devWorks (get it right... haha) and I'll get a huge influx of hits too!

Gregg Eldred said...

There is a wealth of info on your blogs but if the people are lazy searchers, I just point them to the nuggets. :-) And I love to drive traffic. LOL! It was great to see you, Andy. I think that we should think about a blogger dinner, or something, sometime in the future.