Friday, April 14, 2006

Playing hookie in Cleveland

I decided that I was going to play hookie yesterday while the kids are on spring break and since I also had Friday off also so it's a long weekend, and we all went to the Great Lakes science center is Cleveland. I sure did pick the right day for that, the weather was awesome! Clear, sunny, mid-70's. Kids had a great time checking out all of the things to do there. We all had a blast doing the Lego Mindstorm activities. After walking around there all afternoon, we headed to our favorite restaurant on the face of the planet, BD's Mongolian barbecue. (They just need to open one of these closer to our house, like in Canton, OH!) If you have never been, you should really try the place out. What made it even better was that it was on a Thursday evening and it wasn't too busy. But, our adventure didn't end there. Just down there street is a store called Big Funs. It's one of those vintage toy stores that have all the toys you remembered from when you were a kid. Legacy Village was next on our list. Nice place, but way out of our price range. It does however have an Apple store. Yes, I want a new iPod. Didn't win one at Lotusphere this year, breaking my record. I love days like that.

Happy Easter everybody!

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