Saturday, April 1, 2006

Fun at McKinley

Today, we loaded up the kids in the "mini-van of doom" and headed up the freeway to the Wm. McKinley Presidential Library and Museum in Canton, OH. I cannot count how many times I have passed this place on the freeway, and have never stopped. The kids had been there in the past, and it really is a nice museum. It includes a science center in it with a lot of fun activities for the kids and of course my favorite, a planetarium. I also discovered this past couple of weeks that this museum is a member of Association of Science-Technology Centers. Why is this important you ask? Well, since we purchased a family membership today at this science center, we now can get free admission at other science centers that are members of the ASTC. So, the $45 dollar I spent on the membership is going to pay for itself in no time, and in the process, help out a local center. So far, COSI, Great Lakes Science Center, and Carnegie are on our list of places to hit this spring/summer! Also, Zoos have a program similar to this, so we are probably going to do that one, too! Fun, education, and getting out of the house without breaking the bank! Now, if only gas prices would go down.

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