Monday, March 13, 2006

Something to ponder

I don't know why, but I got a thought in my mind that I can't seem shake. On Friday, I was thinking about Lotusphere and the announcement of "Wanda". Running a Lotus Notes client on a USB key device. Then I got to thinking, why couldn't we do that with a server too? Not a full blown server that would be used 24x7, but one for disaster recovery purposes. I have already gotten the amount of time it takes me to recover a Domino server after files have been restored down to about 30 minutes or so, but what if we had a USB key that could plug into a server, launch Domino from it, it could take even less time. I know that someone already figured out how to achieve the desired Wanda experience, but I can't stop thinking that it may also work for a Domino server.
Like I said, something to ponder.

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Sean Burgess said...

I had a similar idea, but for a different purpose. Imagine being able to give your sales staff a fully operational client and server to run for demonstrations without having to take their laptop for any length of time or even to get in touch with them. Imagine being able to send out replacement or updated configurations or code via US Mail without inconveniencing the road warriors in your company. Imagine being able to test a new release with existing applications without having to touch any code on any of your servers. These are the kinds of things I think of when the idea of putting servers on a USB drive pops into my head.