Thursday, March 9, 2006

A new toy!

The UMPC. Ulta-Mobile PC running a new version of XP for the Tablet. Microsoft has been hush about this for a while, but this device really does look like the cross between a small laptop and a PDA. Since it's running a full version of XP, Lotus Notes "should" be able to run on it! This could finally be the killer product to keep our mobile folks connected and happy, without having to give up any functionality. BlackBerrys are great and Treos have been a pain in my butt, but this could be the thing the mobile worker really needs. Check it out for yourself.

And yes, I know it's from M$, but if it works, using Lotus Notes on it would be pretty cool! From doing some Googles, it looks like the price is going to be around $800. But when you consider a new Treo usually goes for $500, it may be worth the extra $300.

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