Tuesday, February 7, 2006

Insufficient memory – message queue is full : Solution?

Okay, I hadn't thought much about this message in a couple of weeks, because I haven't had to. For those just joining us, I have had a real problem with the error message Insufficient memory – message queue is full. It's been a real problem because when this error appears on the server, things stop working. Important things like freetime lookups when trying to schedule a meeting. So a couple of weeks ago, I upgraded to 6.5.5. That seems to have fixed it! I posted the question on lotususergroup.org as well , and got a response from Rich today. He suggested that I use UPDATE_IDLE_TIME=2 in my Notes.ini. Thanks Rich! After doing some MORE digging around about just what the UPDATE_IDLE_TIME= command does in the notes.ini of the server, I came across this link. Makes more sense now. Hopefully, this error is gone for good, but if it comes back, I at least know where to start.

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