Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Lotusphere2006 - Wednesday, Jan 25 - Just Another Manic Wednesday

The last full day of Lotusphere has come and gone. Since it's late, here's a quick rundown of how my day went.
Drag myself out of bed early this morning so that I could get over to the Test Prep lab and try the 622 test. I need to study more before I go an take the official test. On the way there, I ran into Chris Whisonant. Congrats on passing your test today! After being in the lab for a little bit, it was off to Andrew's BP401 - Admin Zero to Hero in 60 Minutes. Always a fantastic session. Then there was a detour which took me back to the product showcase to ask a couple of vendors a few more questions. And of course to pick up some more stuff. After the product showcase, I stopped by the developers lab to bounce a question off of them about the Notes client. I'll save that for another entry. Then, it was off to the ID117 - IBM Lotus Notes Deployment Made Easy session. Really a quick one, but the best thing that came out of it was the fact that they are now going to have a tool available to create custom installs that will run the installation of the Notes client on a locked desktop. Very cool tool! After lunch, I darted off to the ID104 - Best Practices Upgrading to IBM Lotus Notes and Domino 7 in Your Production Environment. Another jammed packed session full of information. I'm just going to stop taking notes, and just download the slides. I miss too much trying to write things down. After that, I met up with my co-worker and we hit the product showcase to troll for some more freebies. We did pretty good I think.

After that, I retired to my room to hang out with my good friend Joel until the Sea World party. Seeing Shamu again was awesome. It was also a lot of fun hanging out with friends at the party.

Well, tomorrow is it. After tomorrow, we start counting down the time until the next Lotusphere. For now, I am off to bed.
G'nite Orlando.

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Gregg Eldred said...

With all that swag, you did bring an empty suitcase, didn't you? This must be what Halloween is like for the tech crowd. :-)