Thursday, January 26, 2006

Lotusphere2006 - Thursday, Jan 26 - It's over, and just beginning

Thursday at Lotusphere is always a bittersweet thing. Bitter because you are really don't want another Lotusphere to end. For me, the bitter is either because it's 70 degrees and sunny outside, or because you keep learning new things about the product you work on day in and day out. Sweet because your leg muscles are aching from the forced marches back and forth between the hotels and then in the hotels between rooms. For me it's also sweet because you realize that you have been away from your family all week, and it's really starting to set in how much you miss your wife and kids.
Thursday morning started off with the Worst Practices session. Honestly the best way to start off the last day of a long week. Excellent information layered with two really funny guys. I'm looking forward to seeing the DVD of the session when we get it in the mail at work. I then stayed in the same room for the OpenNTF session. Got a few ideas during that session on things that I can use at work. Gurupolza is a great idea. It was my first one, and it seemed that there was some good discussion there. However, the questions kept turning into more of the "Ask the developer" type, and that kind of strained the session. After that, it was lunch, and then a long walk in the warm sun listening to my iPod. Then...there was the closing session.
In my opinion, the closing session had the energy that seemed to almost, I repeat, almost was missing from the opening general session. Surjit Chana, IBM VP of Marketing and Partners, came out, and he was on fire. The crowd just ate that up. The gloves are off in the constant back and forth with Microsoft. In his own words, he is no longer going to put up with the bull that gets shoveled about Lotus products. That REALLY got the crowd going! I am sure that did not go over real well with upper management, but I think that is what needs to be said. Lotus has the momentum, and an attitude like this will really go far. After he was on, actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan. I was trying to figure out where I had seen this guy before, then a friend of mine told me that he was on "That 70's Show" as the creepy manager at the hotel where the guys worked. Then it clicked in my head. A weird sense of humor, which I of course enjoyed.
Tonight, myself and two co-workers, along with an old friend of ours, had an awesome dinner at Shula's. It's been 4 hours, and I am still full. Had to run to Downtown Disney for shopping. That place was insane. Do children still go to school in January? They must not because they were running around everywhere down there. Crazy.
Well, it's almost 11:30. My flight out is at 1, but Mears is coming to get me at 10. I'm all packed, but, I really need some sleep.
Thanks Lotusphere for another fantastic year. I am really looking forward to see what happens next year. If things keep moving the way they are, I only see things being bigger and better.
Adios, Orlando.


JKlotz said...

Shula's Steak House was a good experience; the N.Y. strip is highly recommended. has a menu.

Andy Donaldson said...

Good Lord! I didn't know the steak was THAT much!