Wednesday, November 30, 2005

It's that time of the year...

Yup, that's right kids, it's December. Well, it will be in 4 hours from now but it's close enough. I can't believe another year has zipped by. This time of year, I really like to start to wind down, and roll into Christmas. Hopefully, my servers will behave for me, and I can take it easy for the next couple of weeks. My "Message Queue Full" error returned, but someone rebooted the server before I could run an NSD on it. I am upgrading software on my one server that sends email to the Treo's this weekend, and then the big upgrade for the Blackberry server next weekend. I just found out today that I can do all my testing on a VM environment that the server team has but together, so that should make the upgrade a lot easier.
Another nice thing about it being December is that Lotusphere will be here soon. I don't know what it is that draws us Lotus geeks to it each year, but from reading others blogs, it seems like we center our year around that. Nothing wrong with it I guess, it's just an observation.
Had a great time the past couple of weeks. Took the wife out to dinner and a movie with friends for her birthday and then we were all off to Detroit last week for the big Turkey Day thang. Was a good time, but the snow and ice on the roads made for a fun drive up there.
Outside of that, no much else new. Just need to figure out what Santa is going to bring the kids ;)

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