Thursday, November 10, 2005

Been a while

I know, it's been a while since I did a post on here. Here's the quick update as to what's been going on with work.

1. R6 client upgrade: It's been going great. The only issue is that when SMS isn't installed on a machine, the upgrade doesn't run. Out SMS admin is working on getting that fixed up so that we can get everyone pushed out. I still need to disable the "Cancel" button on the install. I have had too many people click it, and then they don't have Notes. Outside of that, I should have everyone up on Notes 6.5.4 by the end of the month!
2. Message queue full errors: Still running into these puppies and that is a major pain in the butt. Support has had me disable trans logging on my mail boxes, log and clubusy databse. They also want me to put in Debug_Disable_Chronos=1 in my notes.ini to see if that helps with the issue. I also put 3 more GM of memory in the one server to bring it up to a total of 4. So far, it seems to work. I’m also going to install FP2 for 6.5.4 this weekend to see if that helps with the issues.
3. Upgrade the last of my R5 servers: This has been the tricky one. I have my last R5 sever running all of the applications that we use as well as LEI 3.1. I have never been too fond of LEI, but I at least know how to install it and get it running at DR. To get the server upgraded to 6.5, I needed to know that the developer here could get the LEI jobs to run. I did the full upgrade on our production test environment on Tuesday, and she was successful, so, Saturday is the big day! I hope this works; it will be a real bear to get it fixed!
4. Spam Attack!: Oh my Lord this has been nuts! For some reason, somebody out there decided this week to unleash the gates of spam hell on us and do a DOS attack. Luckily, the solution that we have in place took care of it. We had some delay in good mail getting in because of the amount thrown at us at a time, but it stood its ground.
5. File retention fix: Another thorn in my butt. I got the agent to fix the file retention from our vendor. The first one did put the files back into the mail database, it just didn't put it back into the proper folder structure. This was a problem. They worked on it, and got a fix to me, I just need to test it a little more before going live.

Well, as you can see, I don't have much going on. Only 73 more days until I get to sun my knees in Florida. Until later.

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