Thursday, October 13, 2005

The pool is still full!

Still nothing from Lotus Support. It seems that the only thing left to try is throw more memory at the issue. Hopefully, that will give me some more time until 7.0.1 comes out. Oh well, I have my 6.5 client rollout to work on. Today is the day when we pilot to end users. We have a guy who has really gotten a grasp on SMS and VB scripts. He has created a pretty solid SMS package that will run the silent install I made without having to touch desktops. So, once I can get everyone, (about 45% of the desktops that don't have it), up to R6, then I can start worrying about R7, right ;)

Oh well, back to rockin the iPod and creating upgrade documentation for the Help Desk. Is it January yet? I could really use a vacation.

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