Monday, October 3, 2005

Message Queue Pool Is Full. The Continuing Saga

Message Queue Pool Is Full. The continuing saga.

Well, with the move done I decided to get back to some more important things at the office, like figuring out why people can’t schedule rooms and resources most times.  When they try, they get the “Insufficient memory, message queue pool is full” messages.  Irritating.   Lotus support hasn’t come up with much to help solve the issue for me either.  I found something this morning though that may help.  I’ve been searching the R6 forums on Notes.Net, but this morning I looked at the old R4/R5 forums.  There I found something I never even through of before.  The number of concurrent agents running on the server was set to 1.  This is a pretty heavily used server.  I changed the setting to 5.  Hopefully, that will get things working correctly.  I will keep you updated.  


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy.
Did it help..?
I'm have similar problems and no solution.
Domino Adm i denmark

Andy Donaldson said...

I am finding more and more that the amount of RAM needed to Domino is ever increasing. So far, more RAM has helped. Good Luck!