Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Missed the blog-o-versery

Yesterday was the blog's 13th birthday.  It's now officially a teenager.  Boy has a lot gone on in my life since I started this.  Really, it was almost like an official log of my career as a Lotus Notes administrator.  I learned an awful lot over the years and tried to share what happened with me with others here.  Even the stoopid mistakes, because those are the ones you learn the most from.  I don't blog like I used to.  Heck, a lot of the Yellow-verse doesn't seem to either.  Most of what is shared these days is either on Twitter or Facebook.  But I am happy about the outcome of this simple blog. What started out as a project on here landed me on the stage at Lotusphere and I faced one of my greatest fears (public speaking), so I got that goin for me.  Met a lot of great people through this as well and forged strong friendships with them.  
So, who knows how often I will update this thing in the future.  But, just knowing it's around thanks to Google keeping it free, I'll pop back every now and again to look in on it and maybe post something.  
Thanks for reading.  Who knows what my next adventures will take me.

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