Friday, August 14, 2015

A friendly reminder about iOS9, Traveler and self-signed certificates on Domino

Hey gang! It's your old pal Andy here with a friendly reminder on the 12th anniversary of the old House O' Blog.  If you have a IBM Traveler server running and you are using a self-signed certificate on the Domino portion of the server, you better make sure you fix that before iOS9 launches!  
One of the features that iOS9 offers is that if you make an HTTPS call to a server, any server, and the certificate of that server is not signed by a trusted authority the connection will fail.  I verified that today when I upgraded one of my test devices to beta iOS9 and validated my assumption.  
But if you're like me and have had issues with getting certs to work in Domino in the past, you might be a little gun-shy about getting a signed cert, especially one that really protects you with SHA-2 protection, fear not!  The lovely and awesome Gab Davis has put together an awesome step-by-step how to on creating that very protective cert and you can find the instructions right here!  So don't wait around too long.  It's likely iOS9 will be officially announced at Apple's September 9th love fest.  Now go, get to cert-ing!

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