Friday, January 9, 2015

Unable to find where I am in Sametime

Had an issue crop up this morning that is worth a share.  For some oddball reason, I noticed that my geographic location was not working in Sametime.  Normally haven't noticed it, but with working from home today I thought it would be nice if someone was looking for me.  I went into the Sametime-Geographic Location section of the Preferences menu and tried to adjust the settings there.  Wouldn't take.  When I looked at the "Show Advanced View" option of the screen, I noticed that The Subnet and MAC Address fields we not populated like they normally would be either.  Time to open a PMR!
The helpful IBM representative gave me the key to finding the information.  When I looked in the Domino Directory-Web-Internet Sites-Web SSO Configuration: LtpaToken document, I noticed that my Sametime Community Server was missing from the list of participating servers.  I added the server name to the list and replicated the Domino Directory over to the Sametime Community server.  I didn't think it would take until I did a reboot of the server.  Wrong.  After about 15 minutes, I got the notification that I was in a new geographic location and I should update that.  Went in, changed the default one to my home location, the Subnet and MAC Address fields were populated as well, saved it out and I was good to go.  
So if you cannot have Sametime tell you where you are, check out this link to help with that.

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