Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sametime Video Calls on a MacBook Pro - not happening

Okay, blogosphere, I need your ear for a few minutes.
The overlords here at the day job want to start support Macs.  That's a good thing in my opinion.  IBM has had a Notes client for Mac, (but not an Admin or Dev client), for some time now.  But with rolling out new hardware, we have to make sure everything works of course.  What's not working for me right now,  and is reproducible on another like Mac, is that video calls in Sametime won't work.  
We have nice, shiny new MacBook Pro's with Retina, Late 2013 models.  They have 2.4 GHz i5's with 16 GB of RAM and running the latest 10.9.2 OSX and all OSX fixes applied.  I would LOVE one of these for the photo biz.  I've installed 8.5.3FP6 for the Notes client and have gotten all the latest hot fixes from IBM. The problem is, the iSight camera on the Mac will not work with Sametime.  Sametime doesn't even recognize it.
This is the weird part. Sametime allows me to make video calls to another computer, but where the video of me, the caller, is suppose to be there is just a white box.
The camera works fine in Skype, Facetime and Photo Booth, but it won't fire up with Sametime.  Odd, isn't it.  I've had a PMR open on the issue but we can't seem to get anywhere on that.  So I ask you, dear reader, have you seen something like this before?  I'm hoping someone might read this that knows Mac's better then I do.  Frustration level has set in. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

I have exactly the same issue, but Macbooks are not supported by my company so struggling to get offical support

Andy Donaldson said...

PLEASE, open an ESR on this! But good luck. IBM doesn't believe me and thinks it's something I've done. Plus, they don't have similar hardware to test. I've basically given up the ticket. Has become a pain in the butt.

Anonymous said...

Andy - I cant raise a PMR unfortunately as Im actually a IBM employee, Im seeing if through internal routes I can get this resolved. Macbooks are not however supported officially internally so Im more relying on some of our internal social networks. If i Make any progress I'll keep you informed.

Andy Donaldson said...

Ah, understand. If you find out anything, PLEASE let me know! Good luck!

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