Thursday, January 23, 2014

The annoyance that is encrypted internet mail - Answers!

If you read yesterday's post about enabling a Notes client user to send encrypted email from the Notes client to an Internet recipient, I got it to work, but, it did have some issues and unanswered questions.  Today the good folks at Symantec got me the answers that were holding me up, and they were pretty straight forward. 

As I talked about yesterday, I was getting an error when trying to import the certificate from the Symantec/Verisign website to my Internet Explorer browser.  
Symantec informed me that this error will occur when you haven't first installed the Class 1 Intermediate CA certificate and Class 1 Root CA certificate into the browser.  To view the document from Symantec, click here.  So that makes sense why THAT wasn't working.  I also inquired about the fact the I was seeing the message, "Persona Not Validated" when viewing the certificate information in Firefox.  Symantec stated that it is now the way they do it and to quote from the email I got, 
Also, Symantec has recently made a change to the Digital ID for Secure Email certificates due to security best practices.  Going forward, we are placing "Persona Not Validated" in the Common Name field of these certificates.  While this change has no impact to major email applications (e.g. Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, etc.), you may experience issues with applications that want to use these certificates as part of a log-in process if the Common Name is used as authenticating value.
So there you have it, Notes fans.  Make sure you get the Class 1 Intermediate and Root CA's into your browser first before you start your adventures in encryption.

Okay.  NOW onto Orlando!

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