Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Connect 2013 abstract has been.....

Am I sad?
Maybe a little, but not really.  
I'm actually kind of relieved that I'm not presenting this year.  I can head to Orlando and enjoy myself!  Relax!  Learn lots of good stuffs!  No stressing out all week leading up to the session.  I mean, I did get to speak at Lotusphere 2012, the last time the conference was officially called Lotusphere.  And I did get to share the stage with Tom!  I also got to present the same session again at MWLUG2012 in Pittsburgh and, I had my son Alex present with me.  First Father/Son Lotus conference presentation team?  So I've had a good year when it comes to speaking and I cannot complain at all.  
So if you are interested in learning about InstallShield Tuner for IBM Lotus Notes, you can download the latest, most up to date info on creating a custom installation of the Notes client for your organization, click here.  It's a cookbook for your success!
(Here's a tip: Allow it to open in Google Docs, then download the .pdf file. It keeps the formatting that way)
So for those that will be speaking, I wish you nothing but the best of luck!
And if you are a first time speaker allow me to give you some words of advice.  Just remember to relax and breath.  Enjoy the session.  You've made it to the big leagues.  Swing away!  Don't look to it as a burden.  Have fun with it.  Get up, walk around during it.  Make stupid jokes.  Just have fun!
See ya in Orlando!

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