Thursday, October 4, 2012

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler Part 3 - Off to Apple!

Greetings, true believers!  (Yes, I know I stole if from Stan Lee)
Just heard back from IBM's dev team on the ongoing issue we've been seeing in the last couple of blog posts.  IBM states the following:
"This appears to be caused by the logon name having a space in it. I was able to recreate this with Exchange, so am working on getting an Apple bug opened.  Hopefully this does not impact as many users. So you don't have to configure with the internet name as logon but right now the logon must not have a space in it."

This is an Apple bug and our dev team will be letting them know about it. Please let me know if you had any further questions.
So it you are seeing issues like this
It's likely associated with the bug.  Best thing to do
-  Remove the current profile
-  Have the user set the iOS 6 device back up, but when looking into the Traveler server, use the internet address as shown in the Domino Directory and not just Firstname Lastname. 

Seems like iOS6 is a bit of a buggy bugger. 

The ticket is still open, so as I get update from IBM, I will share them here on the House O' Blog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Have you noticed any issues with slowness, or "Checking for Mail" taking forever in IOS6. Traveler and my Gmail accounts have the same issue, so it must be IOS6. Android on Traveler not having any issues.