Friday, September 21, 2012

iOS 6 oddness and Lotus Traveler

Like a happy child on Christmas morning, I jumped at the chance the other day to download and install the latest and greatest iOS upgrade from Apple.  Things appeared to be working properly as we ran through our test script and we gave it the thumbs up.  But then I got the phone call.  From an executive.  Very high up executive.  We all just love those calls, don't we?   At least he's cool about things with technology and is willing to work with us.  The issue he is having centers around creating meetings on his iPad.
So this morning, we got to work trying to reproduce what he is seeing.  We were able to.  So rather then try and rewrite what I put in the PMR, I'm just going to copy what I wrote to IBM.
Important to note, we see this behavior with Lotus Notes Traveler Build 201202250956 and Lotus Notes Traveler Upgrade Pack 1 Build  201209141855.  Weird, ain't it?  (For the record, Lotus Notes Traveler Upgrade Pack 1 Build  201209141855 *IS* IF1 for Traveler UP1.  The "Tell Traveler Version" command doesn't include the IF1 in the results.)
From this site

UPDATE 09/24/12- Video speaks louder then words ;-)

Problem title                                                          
Lotus Traveler and iOS6 calendar entries                               
Problem description                                                    
Currently running Lotus Notes Traveler Upgrade Pack 1 Build  
When a user creates a meeting invitation on an iOS6 device and invites 
someone to the meeting, the meeting is created in the iOS Calendar and 
first appears as the default calendar color, then quickly changes to   
grey with the dashed line around it as if it's an invite they received 
awaiting a response.  The invited person then accepts the meeting      
invite on either their Notes client or iPhone, but, the created meeting
still stays grey with the dashed lines.  We tested this functionality  
on iOS5 and the behavior was as expected.  The meeting was created and 
the color of the item in the calendar was the default color for Lotus  
Traveler in the calendar.  We also tested the same functionality using 
a Gmail account configured on the same iOS6 device, and that functioned
correctly, (not staying grey).  This is only occurring with users who  
have updated to iOS6.  iOS5 users are still working properly. 
Tested creating a calendar entry on the iOS 6 device and that worked   
correctly.  After the new event was created, I opened the event, added 
and invite, closed it out, and the color on the calendar item          
remained.  It did not turn grey.

So, if anyone has any ideas they want to throw in on this, please share!!!

UPDATE - 09/24/2012 17:50 Checked the status of my open PMR with IBM and an APAR was created from the ticket.  Here'e the APAR information:
IBM Update 9/24/12 3:54 PM
APAR LO71763 created                                                    
iOS6 calendar is sensitive to MeetingType field value while prior levels
where not. Fixing MeetingType field value. 
For the latest on the issue, check out the new post here 


Stephan H. Wissel said...

There's an (updated) app for that. --> install the latest fixpack.

Andy Donaldson said...

Fixpack for? We have the latest Traveler. But, we've also seen it happen on older Traveler too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
maybe you can take a look here:
This the IF1 that contains the latest fixes for Traveler, released few days ago.


Andy Donaldson said...

The version Lotus Notes Traveler Upgrade Pack 1 Build 201209141855 is Lotus_Notes_Traveler_8.5.3_UP1_IF1

Anonymous said...

Hi, did you finally manage to solve the problem?

Andy Donaldson said...

Not yet. Found out this morning that there is someone else seeing the issue too. Will post an update when we have one.

Anonymous said...

Andy, I'm also running 8.5.3 UP1 IF1 and have iOS6 on my iPhone. I can't reproduce the issue. How long does it take before it changes to color? I created a meeting with 1 invite, waited about 3-4 minutes it stayed the same color the entire time. Was IBM able to reproduce the issue? As a test did you try just removing the profile from the iPhone and setting it back up? Maybe something happened to the profile during the iOS6 upgrade.

Andy Donaldson said...

Was rather quick that the color went to grey. Haven't heard back yet from IBM, but, have been in contact with someone else that is seeing the exact same thing. Tried removing and adding the profile back with the same results.