Friday, March 16, 2012

Andy Donaldson and the quest for the iPad 3

Okay so it's not really the iPad 3 but it is the new iPad. Our adventure started off today at about quarter of five when I woke up and decided I was going go ahead to Best Buy. I finally had enough money saved that I could get my very own iPad and I decided I was going to wait until the announcements came out a week ago to make my move. Should I get a new iPad or should I go for a lower price iPad 2?
So after some online consultation for others and after hearing the announcement it was decided I should go ahead and get the new iPad. Having been frugal with my Best Buy gift cards and some Best Buy rewards points I decided I was going to save those for this occasion. Of course selling a certain device on eBay helped a lot as well.
So like a kid on Christmas morning I headed off to the Best Buy located in Wooster, Ohio. The Entire drive there was thinking to myself there's got to be a long line and I was wrong!

When I pulled into the Best Buy parking lot there was nobody else there. So I decided I was pretty safe so i headed over to Walmart to grab it a few things. When I got back to Best Buy I noticed the manager and another employee were walking in and they were talking to another potential customer I figured I better go get in line. Which was a smart move because the manager told me there was only five of the iPad I wanted. So for about a half an hour there I sat by myself one of those people standing outside of Best Buy awaiting a product launch.

And after a few minutes of standing there taking goofy pictures of myself with my iPhone another customer came up to join me and for the next two hours we sat there chatting as the only two people in line at the Wooster Best Buy waiting to buy an iPad.
Finally at 8 AM the manager walked out and gave me my golden ticket

The only problem was the store still did not open until 10 o'clock so I had some time to kill. But after waiting patiently for a couple hours I finally had it my precious

After having time to play with it at work I really enjoy this device! As a matter of fact this entire blog post has been created using the dictate feature. Granted it does not do punctuation well but it does do text extremely well. Then again I don't do punctuation while when I'm typing. Everything you've heard about the retina display is true the pictures I've looked at online are stunning. I've also noticed that the older iPhone apps that I installed on this device look pretty clear compared to the iPad one I was using those look blurry. The speed of the device is beautiful you can definitely see an increase with that extra RAM that's added from what I've read online this has a gig of RAM. I haven't had a really good chance to play with the cameras yet and I'm looking forward to seeing how Skype performs.
So I'll probably waste some time over the weekend sitting on the back porch with a cigar going over all the new features but from what I can tell this was the device to wait for. Again This dictation feature is really cool.
That's all for now have a great weekend!

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Femke Goedhart said...

I am sooo jealous!!! Enjoy your weekend on the back porch, can't wait to read more about it :)

Richard said...

I got my iPad3 about a month ago now and think it's perfect!

It's such an improvement on my iPhone, which is all I had before :)