Monday, October 17, 2011

A IBM Lotus Traveler heads up in an iOS 5 world

As I was working on my Traveler server this weekend, I started noticing an error scrolling by on my server console that I had not seen before, nor could find any information about online.

10/17/2011 11:40:02 AM  Lotus Traveler: SEVERE CN=UserName/OU=BabaBooey/O=DERP Response is null for command FolderCreate and should not be null with status 200 
10/17/2011 11:40:04 AM  Lotus Traveler: SEVERE CN=UserName/OU=BabaBooey/O=DERP Unknown command: FolderCreate

So, of course, I opened a ticket with the support team.  It turns out to be what I figured it was.  A post iOS 5 upgrade error:
The issue you are seeing with user is because he has upgraded iOS5 last week when it was released. iOS5 provides several new features as apart of their ActiveSync implementation that Traveler does not currently support (e.g. the FolderCreate command)
The workaround for seeing these error messages is to upgrade to or to 8.5.3. These error messages are not displayed at these levels of Traveler.
So if you are a slacker like myself and are running a version of Traveler earlier then the ones listed, you may see this error. 
I guess I have an few patches to catch up on, don't I?


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

I saw this message on my server too yesterday, I'm on, what about this fix ? where I can find this fix ? Thank you

Patrick R.

Andy Donaldson said...

Hello Patrick,
If it's not on fix central, which I think it is, then you may want to contact support.

Anonymous said...

I'm running 8.5.3 and see this message. I think it has to do with iOS5's reminders. There is an option to sync those, if you turn that off the console message goes away.