Monday, June 6, 2011

So since the Lotus brand name is dead and/or dying...

It's time for a song to sing it away.  With apologies to Hall & Oates, "Let's play finish the lyrics!"

To the tune of "She's gone"
Everybody's high on social software
Everybody's trying to coll-ab-orate..
Some people are worried about the name Lotus
but it's plain to see, it's still Notes to me

Sorry Yellowsphere for this imposition
I think we've got it, got the strength to carry on....
I need a drink and a DB2 server
Now it's up to me, will my(Can't think of anything here)

Yellow's gone, Oh I, Oh I'd
Better learn how to face it
Yellow's gone, Oh I, Oh I'd
pay Ed Brill not to replace it
Yellow's gone-what went wrong.....

Okay gang, fill in the rest!  Have fun with it!

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