Thursday, May 19, 2011

War and Peace - A review. Plus, musing about NYC

This week, myself and a co-worker were fortunate enough to go to the Metropolis of New York City to attend the inaugural "Mobile War and Peace Workshop - Lotus Traveler: The Limits and Beyond" presented by Teamstudio and led by the one and only, Mr. Paul Mooney.  Now, if you are a frequent reader of the old "House O' Blog", you might ask why I would want to attend a workshop on Traveler since I have already implemented a setup in my work environment.  I asked myself that question too to be honest.  But let me tell you, I am glad I went.  If nothing else, for a sanity check.  As Traveler becomes more and more strategic of a platform within our workplace, making sure we are on the right path is always a good thing.
As always when Paul presents a topic, he comes prepared.  And the key to his preparation is his no-nonsense real world experience that he brings to the table.  Plus, the topics that are being covered is not from an IBM'er, (not that it's a bad POV), but from someone independent and does this for a living.  So if it's crap, he'll tell ya.  But fortunately for us, Lotus Traveler is the opposite of that.
The workshop walked through not just "how" to install the service into your Domino environment, but things to take into consideration and possible pitfalls along that way.  Whether you are brand new to the product or have already put one into production, there is something for everyone. Plus, the networking with others is always invaluable.  It's great to hear what others run into and share with them things that you see.  Oh, if you were wondering if this was a hidden sales pitch from Teamstudios, you can forget that.  Yes, they do give a quick review of their offerings, but the day is really all about Lotus Traveler.  So, if you have the chance to go, DO IT.  Well done Teamstudios and Paul!
Now, aside from being in NYC to get my learnin's on, I also had the chance to go look around at things.  I hadn't been there since 1988 and boy things have changed.  Times Square was overwhelming but at the same time beautiful.  The lights, sounds, people.  A lot for a redneck to take in, but stunning none the less.  Now, I can't say that I would ever want to live there, but Manhattan is a wondrous place.  And the cab rides, that's where the fun comes in.  I have never been in a car going those speeds with that many other cars around me.  Exciting and freighting all at the same time.  That's New York City.  Or parenthood.  I'm not sure.


Curt said...

I had an fun adventure getting to Yankee Stadium a few weeks ago. Taking the train next go around. Glad you had a good time.

Paul Mooney said...

Very kind words big lad. Considering the abuse I gave you during the day.