Monday, February 21, 2011

Beware of forced encryption with IBM Lotus Notes Traveler

Had another interesting issue pass through my desk today.  A user had just set up his iPhone to use IBM Lotus Notes Traveler.  Always a happy sight to see the gleam in their eye as they get to play with their new toys.  But that gleam quickly went away when every message that was sent down to his iPhone looked like this:

Now I'm talking about EVERY message.  Both intentionally encrypted and not sent encrypted.  Of course, this makes using the iPhone kind of a pain since you would have to use Lotus Traveler Companion to open every single message.  So, I went digging around a little and found this set in his Domino Directory entry:

Right there, plain as day in his Basics tab.  So the fix is simple, change the Yes to No. Of course, any message that already exists in the mail file that was received while this setting was set is still tagged as encrypted and will require Companion.  But anything new will sync down correctly.  Something to be aware of because if the users have Editor access to the Domino Directory, they can change that setting on their own and cause add-on utilities like Traveler, BlackBerry and others to not work right.
Ah, Monday.


Joe Litton said...

Interesting! I'd seen similar problems in past when the *sender* elected to encrypt every blasted message. But I wasn't aware of this setting. Thanks :)

Steve said...

You could always modify your directory template and put a hide when on that field so that it is only visible to admins. However, I think that is also a preference that they can set in their client and it updates the directory. Good info Andy, thanks.

Chris Whisonant said...

Wouldn't the Traveler Companion allow this to work?

Andy Donaldson said...

@Chris Oh ya, Companion will help you out...but then EVERY email you try to open and work with will have to be opened with it. So that can be a little crazy IMO

Lito Carrillo said...

I have made the adjustment to the Person Doc in the Domino Directory, however messages are still coming up encrypted..

Any ideas..

ABB Russia said...

Same trouble - removed the option, waited 24 hours - all emails still come encrypted.