Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Blocked Senders List, a story of pain.....(Epilogue)

When you last joined me here on the House O' Blog, you may have read my frustration with regards to the Blocked Senders List in Lotus Notes.  After having a day to think about it and let it soak in, my frustration for Lotus Notes has waned and I now see things a little more clearly.
The fact is the higher-higher up that was having the issue is someone that is well known in the community.  His email, like many executives, is easily available on the Internet for anyone to snag and use.  Vendors or want-to-be vendors, can easily acquire it and fire off email to him.  When looking through his block list, I saw many an address that was actual SPAM that our "solution", (one that I'm not happy with), let by.  And, there was other addresses that were likely cold call emails.  He's a busy man and quite frankly doesn't have time to entertain those offers.  So, I can't at all blame him for putting the blocks on.  The fault really in my opinion falls on the solution we have at the gateway.  The spammers are smarter and the appliance doesn't seem to keep up with them.  So I guess at Lotusphere, I'm going to be shopping around.  Hopefully there will be some security vendors there that will entertain a conversation with me about what they can do better.  
In the end though I was able to get his exported blocked senders list merged into the appliance, and have the appliance do all the "heavy lifting" when it comes to dealing with the blocking.  Plus now, his block list in Lotus Notes is clean, so he can start fresh there. 
Still, I often wonder what a world without SPAM and unwanted mail would be like.  Then again, I wonder what it would be like to win the lottery.  
I guess I may never know either ;-)


Mitch Cohen said...

Andy, your SPAM solution is only part of the problem, while it sounds like some SPAM is getting through, the real problem seems to be unsolicited email. Have you looked at Lotus Protector? The integration with the notes client is nice, and keeps the "unwanted" mail from the Inbox

As for Blocked Sender it is a poorly designed feature that I share your frustration with. should we find ourselves in a bar together say in Orlando late Jan early Feb do remind me to tell you my Blocked Sender nightmare tale

Good Luck

Lotus Evangelist said...

Andy, I will point you to a company we use that really has done excellent work and my Lotus clients use it well. Check out and if interested let me know as they are down the road from me.