Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Man, where have I been? (Again)

I just noticed something tonight.  I haven't been keeping up with my blogging here at the old House O' Blog again.  It goes in cycles, I guess..  It's just because I've been too dang busy!  Lately at work the majority of my day has been spent on a lot of run model type work and creating security policies to push out to our hand held users.  Oh, the good times.  So that hasn't given me much opportunity to keep up with all things Domino they way I like to be.  There has been at least three things that I can remember that I wanted to blog about, but now I can't remember the details of it.  I guess with the social networking thing it's easier to put your thoughts out in 140 characters or less compared to a full blog post.  So, let's review the past couple months:
  • MWLUG was held in Cleveland this past summer and I had the honor of presenting my InstallShield Tuner session.  Was a great time to get up in front of everyone to present.  But, thanks to VMware and a quirky wireless connection, I lost IP in the middle of the install and blew up my whole presentation.  And it was too late to repair the image and save it.  But from the feedback I got, people still got plenty out of it.  But, I have decided at least for now to hang up my speakers hat.  I'm not going to submit for Lotusphere, unless someone else wants to do it with me.  Maybe.
  • Like I said earlier, I've been doing a lot with mobile latley.  Too much it seems like.  I'll be really glad to see Traveler for the Android when it hits by next month.  Hopefully then I can move that out to the users and get a whole lot of peoples of my back.
  • I've really gotten back in photography.  I came to the conclusion over the summer that there is more to life then just work during the day and sitting in front of the idiot box at night.  So, I started going through my work and began to look at it with a more critical eye.  I like a lot of what I do, but know I could do so much better.  So I started on it.  And I even created a new website to showcase it because I would like to try and sell some of it.  The fine folks over at Flickr have a real hard time with people using their site to sell pictures off of it. They will delete your account and pictures without blinking.  So, if you are bored, stop on by http://tuscpics.blogspot.com and take a look.  Let me know what you think.

So hopefully in the next couple of weeks I'll be getting back into the Domino frame of mind which may also include some big, but good, changes to my environment in the way of additions.  So, if you've been a reader, stay tuned.  We will get back on track soon....ish.

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