Friday, August 13, 2010

iNotes Ultra-light mode on the Android

Tripped across a really neat thing this morning that I wanted to share with the class.  As you may have heard, Lotus Traveler support for Android devices is currently in beta mode and is expected out later this year.  But with the growing number of Android users in the corporate populace, the requests for supporting for the device are mounting.  So that led me to a little bit of playing around this morning.  While the browser on my Droid X is pretty cool, getting into iNotes just wasn't going to happen.  Sure, when I went to the URL for our iNotes access, I did get the log in screen. (Photos courtesy of my BlackBerry Storm, since there is not screen capture utility on a non-rooted Droid)

And after entering my credentials, I was taken to my Inbox, but nothing loaded
So that's when I started wondering if Android could use the iNotes Ultra-light mode.  I did some Goggling to find information about this and there were some sites that had the direct link you could use.  But I was looking for the answer to how could the user just login into iNotes Ultra-light like we did on the Apple devices before Traveler was a real thing.  So being the good geek that I am, I started messing around and found rather quickly that it works by following the steps below.
**Caution-You are about to make changes to how your users interact with iNotes. Just because this worked for me, doesn't mean it will work 100% for you. Test! Thank you.**
-  Open your IBM Lotus iNotes Redirect application on your Domino server.
-  Click on the Setup button.
-  Select the Ultra-light/Mobile Settings icon
    -  In the section"Mobile Device User Agent Keywords", add a comma after that last entry you have there and type in android.  Must be lower case.

    -  Click Save & Exit
    -  Now, restart the HTTP task on the Domino server.

    -  On your Android based device, type in the URL of your iNotes site.  You should note that the login screen will look different then it did before:
    -  After typing in your credentials, you should see this:
    Tada!  You have now become the hero of your Android loving minions!  Give yourself a pat on the back and enjoy the rest of your day!


      Anonymous said...

      More screenshots about this here

      Anonymous said...

      I easily got ultralite to work on my droid.....can read/send email, but I am unable to downlaoad any attachments from email messages..Any suggestions?

      Anonymous said...

      As far as I know it is not possible to make appointments in the calendar.