Monday, August 16, 2010

Forgetting something?

Toby and the sky lantern
Originally uploaded by Macian
On Saturday of this past weekend our friends, Joel and Shannon, had their yearly anniversary party at their house. It was also a double celebration as our other friends Craig and Mandi were celebrating their anniversary as well. As has become the custom anytime the clans come together in celebration, my camera goes with me and Flickr usually looses another gig or two of disk space from all the pictures I take. It came time to cut the cake for desert and someone yelled, "Hey Andy! Grab your camera!". I went for my camera bag, unzipped it, pulled out the camera and that's when it happened. **insert whooshing sound here**
Flash back to Friday night. I'm watching "Boondock Saints 2" on the laptop via Netflix and I notice my SD card in the laptop. "Oh, I can't forget that tomorrow", I think to myself. **reinsert whooshing sound here**
Flash back to Saturday afternoon. Damn it. I forgot the SD card. I was mad. As Joel and Shannon live out in the countryside of Northeast Ohio, the closest store that may have one is 15 minutes down the road, at least. So after much razing from my wife and friends, I headed out. Luckily, the Dollar General had 2GB SD cards for $10. And I got the last one. Seriously, what modern day photographer worth their salt would forget taking "film" with them? Well, what has two thumbs and forgot their card....this guy.
So, I missed the cake cutting and didn't get any of those. But the pictures I did get later in the evening was worth every cent of the $10 I spent on the card.
Shannon had purchased some sky lanterns online to launch after sunset. If you have never seen them in action before, they are truly amazing. So with some adult supervision, the kids were able to launch them. And that's when the magic happened. Had I not gone and grabbed a card, I would have missed moments like this.
So the moral of my long winded story.....don't forget film. You never know what you might miss.


Turtle said...

You have a phone, though, right?

Andy Donaldson said...

Camera phone? That's like bringing a butter knife to a gun fight.

Garrett said...

I know how you feel. This spring I went to the Mall in DC to take pictures of the Kite Festival. It's a 2-hour trip for me by car and Metrorail. Guess what this guy discovered once he got there? Dead camera battery.

I think what Turtle was asking was will the SD card from your phone fit into your camera? I know mine won't but it's worth thinking about.