Sunday, November 1, 2009

BlackBerry 9550 Storm 2 - I love it

Around this time last year, the first generation BlackBerry Storm was released to the public with much hype. But the problem was, the device, in my opinion, was terrible. I had a device for a while and ended up sending it back. I even blogged about it here.
Well, a year changed a lot of things. BlackBerry has finally got the device right. The BlackBerry 9550 is a fantastic device for a BlackBerry lover. Let's face it, the iPhone is cool and all, and there is now support available for that and the iPod Touch in Lotus using Traveler, but this device I feel will give those a run for it's money. First of all, the device is available on Verizon wireless and the radio in this device is acting a LOT better then in previous world phones. I've had fantastic coverage everywhere I've used the phone so far. The battery drain is also a lot better. I've gone a lot longer on this device then with the previous one without having to plug it in.
The on screen typing has taken a little getting use to, but I'm now almost as quick typing on it as I was on the Tour. Another thing I love on this device is the QWERTY keyboard available while the phone is in the state it is in the picture to the left. Before, the "TruType" keyboard like what was available on the Pearl was only available in portrait mode.
Another HUGE plus to this device is the response time 0n when switching between portrait and landscape mode. I've experienced almost zero lag. Oh, I'm also happy to report that Verizon has finally allowed a device with WiFi on their network! Yes, WiFi is an available option on the 9550 and it has sped up the surfing and downloading on the device in areas that I have it configured for.
If you're on the fence about getting one of these devices, I really recommend that you go to the Verizon store and check it out. The pluses really out weigh the minuses in my opinion.
Finally, this is the cheerleader you've been dreaming of! (You have to read last years post (via the link above), to get the joke.)

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