Tuesday, September 1, 2009

8.5.1 frustration or 8.5.1 envy..not sure how to title this one

Ok, people. We all know by reading the blogs on Planet Lotus that 8.5.1 is really, really cool. Yes, Traveler on the iPhone is the bee's knees. Yes, the client and sever enhancements are what people have been clamoring for for years. But dang it, us kids standing outside the candy shop with no pennies in our pockets watching you guys load up on Gummy Bears and M&M's are making the rest of us mental! Well, some of us, at least.

I mean we wake ever morning and check the site to see what cool new things someone has discovered and was allowed to blog about the product. I mean, come on. You might as well be eating a Shula's steak WITH those heavenly hash browns in front of me while I sit there enjoying my tofu bar and wheat grass shake.

Yes, I know I could have applied for the NDA stuff that would have allowed me to learn the secret handshake and password to allow me into the Speakeasy known as the beta testers. But because our legal department would have likely not seen this as a high priority, I probably would have had it signed and agreed upon sometime around the release of Notes 15.2 or something like that. (Disclaimer:Not that I have ANYTHING against the warm, wonderful and caring people in our legal department...it's just I know they have more important things to work on besides me wanting into a beta program).


So I guess all I can do is wait. Sit outside the store with my nose pressed up against the window watching all the happy children laugh and play. Who knows. Maybe someone will drop a pubnames.ntf on their way out the door and I can start looking through that. I can dream, can't I?


JYR said...

The secret code, like the stoneCutters (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Homer_the_Great)

Notes 8.5.1, it will be mine, Oh yes it will be mine


Anonymous said...

Feeling exactly the same way here.

Nathan T. Freeman said...


You suck!!!111!11one1!log(10)!!1!215^0!oneoneeleven1!!