Friday, May 15, 2009 travel

So I came up to Wisconsin to migrate an old eol sever to new hardware and to upgrade the server to Domino 8. No problem, went smoothly. But to get here, the most direct route is to take commuter jets. Commuter jets are small, torturous planes that like cramming people as many people into them as the airline can get away with. So when I get onto one of these planes, this is how I feel:
Now, I know that I'm a big guy with a slight (cough) weight problem, but seriously, can they get seats that are ANY smaller then what's on these planes!?
Hopefully within six hours I'll be home safe and sound and laying on the floor to try to get my back to straighten back out after riding on these things.


LeeKurz said...

Oh, the shocks on that moped are so gone.

Ligeia91015 said...

Just in case it's any consolation . . This is how my skinny ass hubby feels on commuter jets. And the thing that throws Joel's back out is the fact that those seats are also meant for people who are 4'11". My brother and another guy about his size were sitting across the aisle from one another and he said they looked like conjoined twins joined at the top of the head.