Monday, January 19, 2009

Lotusphere Report 2009 - Day 1:Blue Men, Beldar and Bob

What can be said about the opening general session of Lotusphere that hasn't already been written already by many others? This years Lotusphere OGS was one that was not to be missed! With many of the people I've spoken with today, they all were energize by a new excitment that had swept over the crowd this morning the instant Blue Man Group took the stage and began their performance. In the past there has been bands and orchestras to begin the days events, but Blue Man added a more renewed vibe to the room that has been missed in years past.
After playing an abbreviated "Rock Concert Movement" set, the new general manager of Lotus Software, Bob Picciano, took the stage and immediately took command of the mornings events. He came across right away as someone that "gets" what the Lotus software suite really is, (it helps that he's married to someone that works in the development area of Lotus, too), and I would even say after meeting him tonight, someone that "gets" the community in general as well. Bob then introduced the secret special guest of the day, Dan Aykroyd! Okay Lotus, you are forgiven for having Costas last year. Rather then me trying to rehash all of the fantastic information that was shared today, I highly recommend you take a look at's site for the live blogging that was done by several of the Lotus blogging community.
My take on the event, Notes/Domino 8.5 can make your life and your companies bottom line both happy.
Hopefully at some point here I will get the video I took before my battery died edited and uploaded. But for now I have to go prepare for a little thing that I'm doing tomorrow afternoon. If you're around the Dolphin S. Hemisphere III at 3, stop in and cheer me on for Lotusphere Idol!

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Theo Heselmans (Xceed) said...

Andy, I won't be there (doing an exam), but kick some Idol ass!