Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lotusphere 2009 Report Day 0 - And so it begins again, with video!

Let's face it, travel days are usually hectic and non-stop, and today was no exception. The family dropped me off at the Akron-Canton Regional Airport for my flight to Lotusphere. At the airport I met up with Chris Blatnick and we began our venture south. Not much to report with the flight, generally smooth, but the Mears shuttle was a whole other story. From the time we got to the Mears counter and checked in until the time we got to the hotel, it was about the same amount of travel time as it was to fly from Akron to Orlando. At one point, we were unsure if the driver was going down some out of the way road to dump the bodies. Our bodies. But in the end we eventually arrived at The Dolphin. Alive. After checking and a quick change into shorts, it was off to BALD to meet up with old friends and new for a get together followed by the migration down the Boardwalk to ESPN. During BALD, the winning of the 1st annual PlanetLotus blogger of the year was announced. Congratulations to Ed Brill for being the first winner.
So tomorrow begins the Jump Starts and general Lotusphere goodness. Stay tuned, much, much more to come! For now, here is today's video highlights, including video of the PlanetLotus award!


Theo Heselmans (Xceed) said...

Tx for the video Andy.
You've earned your 'Read My Blog' button.
cu l8r.

Tim E. Brown said...

Thanks for posting the video. Wish I was there!

-Tim E. Brown