Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My final thoughts on the BlackBerry Storm, for now.

I was thinking of a good way to put into words how I feel about the BlackBerry Storm after using it for two weeks. I think the best analogy I could come up with is that the Storm is like that really hot cheerleader you knew in high school. The one that you wanted to go out with, but never could. (Let's face it, you know what I'm talking about..you're a geek, you read blogs, you lived it.) Well, you finally landed a date with her and you come to find out that it's more trouble then it's worth. Sure, she's flashy and looks good on your arm, but in the end you don't really get anything out of it.
No, my heart still longs for my BlackBerry Curve. So today I will pack up the Storm and re-activate my Curve. Sigh. In a corporate environment, this device just doesn't cut it in my opinion.
Perhaps with more time, BlackBerry can kick all the bugs out of the device and maybe we'll try it again. But in the end, I think the device that was meant to be the iPhone killer only made the iPhone look better. And with news that Wal-Mart is going to sell a 4 GB model of the iPhone for $99 starting at the end of the month, it's going to make it even harder to knock that device out of a lot of peoples hands.
But there is some good news with switching back to the Curve. If you upgrade to the 4.5 OS on the device, Verizon has finally unlocked GPS for use on BlackBerry maps. Google maps however will still only use the cell tower triangulation.


anu said...

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Cheap BlackBerry said...

Ive had my storm for a year now and I still dont like it, but dont want to cough up 400 for the Tour.