Thursday, October 30, 2008

AdminP and mail file creation oddity

Here's an interesting scenario.

As I've blogged about recently, I have to create a large number of email accounts as a result of a recent acquisition my company has made. Per my normal standards for user creation, I've create policies for these new locations and am using registration documents in them as well. Because of the number of new accounts that I have to create, instead of creating the mail file right then and there during registration, I elected to select the option to create the mail files in the background and allow Adminp to do all of the heavy lifting and create the mail files when it can. So in my testing today, I decided to go ahead and create a few accounts to make sure that the text file import for registration information works as well as the process in general. The registration went fast and everything appeared to work okay, until AdminP created the mail file. The registration document is set so that the mail file is to be created with a 400 MB quota with a 300 MB warning. When AdminP created the mail file the result was a 400 GB quota was set with a 300 GB warning. That's right kids, gigabyte. So as I continued my testing after seeing this, I decided to disable the option to create the mail file in the background and decided to wait for the registration process to create the mail file right then and there. When I did that, the correct 400 and 300 MB levels were set. This was all done using Domino 8.0.2 on the backside and Notes 8.0.2 on the front.
So I pose a question to you all. Have you ever seen something like that? I know I can create the accounts without a quota and circle back later to set one, but you would think that it should work either way, right? I've placed a call into support for the issue as well, but wanted to get feedback from the bubble.
Ideas anyone?

UPDATE - 1:15 PM 10/30/08
Lotus Support called back to report that it is a reproducible bug in 8.0.1 and 8.0.2. They tried it on several systems and were all able to reproduce the issue. An SPR is being created to fix this problem.


MROWSG said...

Thanks again for posting this - I have never seen this before in all the migrations we have done. Is this in 8.X Or 6?

Andy Donaldson said...

I just went back and updated the post. 8.0.2.

It's a weird one alright.

Anonymous said...

If you use registering the users from a text file.
This allows you to set the mail quota