Monday, September 29, 2008

What $400 gets you

Clear yard
Originally uploaded by Macian
A yard without trees. The remnants of Hurricane Ike went through Ohio two weeks ago and left me with three trees down. So finally today, the tree removal crew came to clean up the mess. As my friends can attest to, I do don't power tools. For both their safety and my own. So it was off to find someone to do it. After phone calls back and forth with the insurance company and phone calls to a couple services, I finally got one to come out today. Well, with that job done, I guess I have to trim the hedges now. Everyone can see them.

But I think Sparky has the right idea on the whole thing in the picture.


Yancy Lent said...

We want the 'before' pic. We want the 'before' pic. We want the 'before' pic. :)

Andy Donaldson said...

Since you asked so nicely Yancy, here's the link to the pictures of the downed trees