Thursday, September 11, 2008

SnTT - Nokia Intellisync 9 and Windows Mobile 6 Classic

One of the fun things I get to do in my day job is to manage our mobile device infrastructure. One of the tools that we use to allow folks to get their PIM data from Lotus onto handhelds is Nokia's Intellisync product. But one of the issues I am finding with Nokia's latest release is that it doesn't get along real well with non-cell phone devices. Seems that Nokia only wants to devlop their software to work with cell phone/Windows Moble based toys. But when you are trying to set up a cradless wi-fi enabled device like the HP iPAQ 110 Classic running Windows Mobile 6 Classic, problems arose.
In the past, we had pretty much only deployed Palm TX devices with the solution and upon installation, the servername field would be populated correctly buy the installation software and it was pretty much a done deal. It would work both at the office on the corporate network and at home using my wi-fi. Well, after setting up Intellisync on the Windows Mobile device, I was able to connect at work without a problem, but connecting to the server externally from home was not working. The connection settings in the software matched exactly what I had on the TX I keep at home. The TX worked, but the Windows Mobile would not. So in my playing around with it tonight, I tried different settings in the server name field to get it to work. As far as I knew, all I needed to put in the field was just the FQDN. Ex: So, I first tried the IP address instead. No luck. I then tried the server name with an http:// in front of it, still no luck. But then it occured to me that the connection is configured to use SSL only on the firewall. So, after putting in, it connected right up. The Palm OS had never required it to be present in the servername field, but it appears that Windows Mobile wants it there. So the moral to the story is on Windows Mobile, double check with your network team on what ports are open to the device and configure the server name field to match.


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