Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm a winner!

For many years I've dabbled in photography. When I was in high school and college, I took several photography classes, had a darkroom in my parents basement and had made up my mind that I wanted to be the next Ansel Adams. Many hours and free time went into my passion. Well, reality and life got in the way and after a while I sold off all my darkroom equipment and camera and didn't do much with it. Then the digital age struck and as I slowly started to get back into the swing of things. Then last year I purchased a digital SLR and I was in love with photography once again. So that's when my lovely wife prodded/suggested that I enter a couple of prints into the Tuscarawas County Fair. I balked at the idea at first, but she kept on me about it so I did. In the past, she had entered several charcoal drawings and for placed really well in those categories. Well, it appears that the picture on the left won first place in the B & W - SCENERY category for the fair. Wow! So tomorrow night we're going to take the young-in's down to the fair to check it out. I think I get like $3 for the first prize too which means we'll probably blow it on a fried candy bar at the fair. That's right. I said a fried candy bar. If you haven't had's crack on a stick. Totally bad for you and the last thing on Earth I need...but is sooo good.


Ray Bilyk said...

Congratulations! I'm always impressed by the 'eye' of photographers.

Yancy Lent said...

Congratulations Andy, nice picture!

Bruce Currier said...

At the New York State Fair, they have everything fried. My wife and I tried the fried snickers, but didn't really care for it. The fried Oreo's on the other hand, heaven on earth.