Sunday, September 14, 2008

A BES 4.1.6 Upgrade Gotchas

For some reason, upgrading the BlackBerry server freaks me out more then does upgrading a Domino server. Not sure why. Probably because everyone has become so addicted to the CrackBerry that any downtime or loss of functionality in it would almost instantly cause them to go into convulsive fits. So when upgrading the BlackBerry server today from 4.1.3 to 4.1.6, I thought I had everything in order for a quick, "get in early, upgrade it and get outta here to enjoy my Sunday". That was my first mistake.
The upgrade itself went pretty smooth. No errors popped up while the software installed. After reboot, the server came up and appeared to be working okay. My BlackBerry almost instantly started to go through the Enterprise Activation again and within a couple of minutes was all nice and upgraded. But shortly after, a Sametime window opened on my screen from a user who saw I was working. He then asked me if anyone else was noticing calendar entries on their devices being duplicated after the upgrade. I thought that was kind of weird, so I looked at my BlackBerry and saw that I had it too.
I called into BlackBerry support and was told that this sometimes happens on a 4.1.6 upgrade. Doesn't happen to everyone, but does happen to some people. There are two different things you can try to do to fix it.
  1. On the hand held, drill down through the following menus. Options-Advanced Options-Service Book. Once there, delete the Desktop [CICAL] server book. Then from the BlackBerry Manager either installed on your machine or on the server, click on the BlackBerry server that was upgraded, select the users name that is having the issue and then in the bottom right-hand window, expand IT Admin and click on Resend Service Book. That will update the user and get the calendar entries set back correctly.
  2. Select all users in your domain, expand IT Admin and then click Resend Service Book.
I tried the first with the user and that got him working. After talking with BlackBerry support further, they did suggest that I could do the second option also, (which I did), just to make sure everyone gets an updated service book but, this issue could still occur if their original service book is corrupted during the upgrade.
A second gotcha that I've seen during the upgrade is some weird logging on the Domino console. In this case the BES is giving messages that state:
09/14/2008 12:51:14 PM {Domino User Name} Mail Server CN=BES-SERVER/O=ORG failed over to CN=HomeMailServer/O=ORG
09/14/2008 12:51:14 PM {Domino User Name} Mail Server CN=HomeMailServer/O=ORG failed over to CN=BES-SERVER/O=ORG
I asked BlackBerry support about this one too. They told me that it's an issue that will hopefully be resolved shortly but is known. Click here to see more information from RIM.
So after watching the server for a while longer, it appears things have calmed down enough for me to make my escape. I'm sure tomorrow morning will prove to be a busy one.


Brian Baum said...

Watch out for this one, happened to me about 24 hours after upgrading.

Waiting on MR1 to fix it.

Barb Skedel said...

Thanks for posting this; I upgraded our BES to 4.1.6 in preparation of taking Domino to 8.0.2 and am having similar issues with duplicate calendar entries and last week the server stopped sending mail twice. As noted by Brian, I couldn't find anything in the logs stating the reason. Now I know its just not my setup.

Drew said...

I've also noticed that since I've upgraded our BES server to 4.1.6, I am unable to click a link from a message and get the site to show. Instead I get a browser error "HTTP Error 503: Service Unavailable. If I open the browser first and type in the address it works fine, but linking from an email message always gives me this error.. Any thoughts?