Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First impressions/headaches of 8.0.2

Yes kids, it's a Domino related post. The funk of last week has passed on in time to celebrate 8-Oh-Tuesday!

Before dawns first light broke over the hills of Eastern Ohio, I was already downloading the latest and greatest from Lotus so that it would be waiting for me when I entered the office. Without much fanfare, my server was upgraded from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2. Again, a server upgrade that just worked without any issues. I love it. To be sure, I made a hot copy of the pubnames.ntf in case there was any issues with the new template, but I hadn't seen any yet.
But, then came the client. I upgraded my Admin workstation, and then went in without too many issues. Still, the splash screen seemed a little slow at start up, but once running you can really see the performance enchantments shine! Then came my day in-day out laptop. That's were the trouble really started.
Before the upgrade, I was running Notes 8.0.1 Standard with the Admin and Dev clients also installed. I also had the Quickr client installed from a failed attempt at "playing" with it, as well as the Sametime 8.0 full client. So needless to say, I do a lot of installing on my laptop. But what good admin doesn't, right? The install seemed to go smoothly. No errors popping up while the software installed. But after reboot and starting the client, I kept getting a pop up window telling me that the program caused an error and to check the log. Okay, I look in log.nsf and the only error there is "Dynamic Client Configuration: Returned an error adding policy information to the address book: Note item not found". Hmm. So after a shutdown/reboot, I thought that might clear up the issue. No luck, still getting the error window pop up. But this time, Notes crashed. Thinking I'm smarter then the average bear, I decided to shut down the client, map a drive over from my other workstation, open the local names.nsf and delete all the profile documents out of the $Profiles view. I went to start Notes back up and nothing. Just the Eclipse core starting back at me locked up and with no Notes information there. That's when I thought it was Quickr's fault. So, I uninstalled Quickr and did another reboot cycle. Nope, same issues. It was now time for the "nuke from orbit" approach. I uninstalled the clients and used CCleaner to clean out the registry. I opened up the Notes folder on the drive after reboot to make sure my stuff was still there before reinstalling and noticed a little friend hiding \data folder. ~notes.lck. I haven't seen that one causing any issues in a long time. So, I deleted it and proceeded to reinstall the client. No problems. And now running the client, things really do seem faster.
So the moral to this story I guess is if you are a "power user", this install, like any other, could be troublesome. Could it have been Quickr? Could it have been the ~notes.lck? Who know. For now it's up and running. And iNotes via the iPod Touch....too cool!


Peter von Stöckel said...

Thanx Andy! I had a "dead" Notes 8.0.2 with DomDev & Admin. It started, but didn't get further than displaying the blue background. I deleted the ~notes.lck and things went back to normal. I haven't had any problems with this file for years, and didn't consider it...

Andy Donaldson said...

You're not alone. Hearing about it more from other people today too.

Bernd Webster said...

I updated today my IT-Department (70 user) without problem.

Do you use the eclipse client (we didn´t use it at the moment)?

Andy Donaldson said...

@Bernd Yes. This was the full-blown standard client that is having the hiccups.