Monday, July 7, 2008

Move over iPhone. Get ready for the Thunder!

The fine folks over at have gotten there hands on some nice shots and new information of the newest touch-screen device soon to enter the iPhone dominated marketplace. The BlackBerry 9500, aka Thunder, is set to hit the marketplace sometime in the future and if everything I've ready about it is true it will give the iPhone a run for the money. Now, I understand why the iPhone is so sexy. I get it. But I still have a REALLY hard time thinking that it has anyplace in a corporate environment. The security just isn't there for my taste. If a BlackBerry is stolen or missing, you can send the remote kill command and the data will be erased if the radio is still active. If an iPhone goes missing, well, good luck! Plus, there is no set infrastructure yet available that has the same ease of use as a BES server.
Am I looking forward to Thunder? You betcha!
Am I going to still be saving my pennies for a while to get the little brother of the iPhone, the iPod Touch? An affirmative on that as well, too!


Peter Herrmann said...

While I am also keenly awaiting the Thunder, I should correct you to say that the iPhone will also support remote wipe when integrated with Exchange. More info here

Andy Donaldson said...

@Peter - Exchange? I have never heard of such a thing. What is this Exchange thing that you speak of?