Wednesday, July 2, 2008


Here we go again, another birthday for one of the offspring. But it's not just any birthday. Today my son turns 16. 16-years-old. Damn, do I feel old. It really doesn't seem all that long ago that he was riding on my shoulders at Sea World, (made me think of that as we drove by the old Sea World today), starting preschool or even kindergarten for that matter. Moving on through grade school, then middle school and now the dreaded high school years. All zipping by way too fast. Now, he's at the magical time somewhere between boy and man trying to figure out his place on this hunk of rock.

Don't worry kid, many of us much older then you are still trying to figure that out too. Just know that your Mom and I love you and are proud to have a kid as great as you are.

But remember, like Homer always says, "When you're 18, you're out the door" ;-)

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