Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beware of "Recent Contacts"!

Well, it's not like they are going to attack you in a dark alley in the middle of the night or something, but they can be a real bugger sometimes. Case in point, me trying to send an email today. Here's the scenario.
Several new-ish users to the company at one time had forwarding email addresses set in their entries in the Domino Directory. Over time, I had emailed a couple of them several times while they still had the forwarding on but since the forwarding had been taken off, I hadn't had any communication with them until today.
I address the email and in the "To" field, the corporate address shows up correctly, I clicked send and went on about my business. But then I got a delivery failure show up with the old forwarding address as the culprit. I open the Domino Directory on the server and the local replica and double-checked that the forwarding address was gone. It was. Then I checked my local address book that I hadn't added him as a contact and I hadn't. I then went to another person's computer and was able to send a message from there without any problems. Okay, this was seeming weird. It wasn't in the Domino Directory or any other view used. That's when it dawned on me to look in the Recent Contacts view in the new R8 personal address book. Bingo! For some reason, even though it wasn't prompting for which address to send to, my Notes client had decided that mail to that user should use its old forwarding address rather then the one in the Domino Directory. After deleting all entries for the person in the Recent Contacts view, mail flowed as it should. While the Recent Contacts feature is nice, it's shown today that it can come back in bite you in the butt!

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