Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wondering where your stimulus cash is?

I've been wondering that myself for a couple of days now myself. For our overseas guests to the "House O' Blog", you may have heard that late last year President Bush pushed through an economic stimulus package that would basically give American taxpayers some extra money back. This of course is so we would all run out and buy Xbox 360's, Wii's, flat screen TV's and other pricey electronic toys to boost the economy. Instead, my family likely use it for gas and grocery money. But not everyone gets the same amount though, it's figured on a scale of how much you made and how many dependents you have, etc. This money was suppose to have been direct deposited into accounts for those folks that did that with their regular returns and paper checks to everyone else. Since we choose direct deposit when we used Turbo Tax, we figured that we would get our money last week. But when that money didn't show up, I started to get a little concerned. That's when I found this page on Turbo Tax's website.
Basically, when I submitted our tax return, I figured I would allow Turbo Tax to deduct the cost of e-filing from my rebate rather then put it on a credit card. That's called a Rebate Transfer. I know, doesn't make sense to me either. But by doing that a third party got in the middle of me and the government and now the government isn't going to give them the money to give to me via direct deposit. Which means I have to wait until June to get the money via a check. Oh well.
If you were smart and didn't do as I, you can check the status of your refund with the IRS by going to their "Where's My Stimulus Payment?" website.
Go forth and spend, peoples!


Deuce said...

I got mine within the first 3 days of the IRS sending them out. I opted to just pay TurboTax up front and not use their third-party whatsits.

Because I have a daughter who's graduating High School AND going to Prom (the NERVE!) this year.. my money is longggggg gone :)

Ann T Quittys thoughts said...

I used Turbo Tax as well. I used the long form and had bunch of deduction so I am not getting the whole amount which totally blows! However, I mailed mine in but put the direct deposit information on my paper work instead of electronicly sending it. We got our check lickady split. Next time don't pay for the auto file. Mail it and put your info on the sheets themselves. You get your money back just as fast and don't have to pay for the service.

Ann T Quittys thoughts said...

oh and by the way we are saving part of ours and spending part on an electric upgrade to the house. It will be nice to have more then 70 amps coming into the house.