Thursday, May 8, 2008

SnTT - InstallShieldTuner Ver. 6 with Lotus Notes 8.0.1

**For the most up to date documents, click here**

For a couple of months now I, along with others, have been waiting for Lotus to release a new version of InstallShieldTuner for Lotus Notes (IST for use in this blog) to use with 8.0.1 and create some custom installs using the "Response Transform" option. Well guess what.
IST is reliant upon the .mst file that is packaged with the installation software to tell it what options are available. In 8.0, the option for creating the response file was not there but as promised at Lotusphere2008, it was for 8.0.1. So with that confusion out of the way, I have gone ahead and written up an updated document giving the steps that I use in my environment to use the application. This by no means is the end-all document on IST, but may help you open the door to some of those troubles you've had in the past.
IMPORTANT NOTE!: I ran into a problem trying to create a response for the client install on my laptop that had the "All Clients" installation installed on it. I kept getting the "The upgrade you are attempting is not supported" prompt. So, to follow these steps, you must create it on either a machine running Lotus Notes 7.X or with no Lotus Notes installed.

Click here to access the document in PDF format.


jeremy hodge said...

We noticed the same error if you tried to upgrade from 8.0 to 8.01 and if you used the client only install for 8.0 and tried to use the client-admin-dev install to go to 8.0.1 ... you must use the same type of installer that you used in the original install... Maybe you need to create the response for a client only install from a machine that only has the client installed ????

Alain G said...

I try to generate a package of Lotus Notes 8.0.1 including Symphony, but when I execute the custum package, only the notes client is installed
any idea ?