Monday, May 12, 2008


Testing out my new toy!


Vaughan Rivett said...

What is your new toy....I take it that it is some sort of a camera???

Steve McDonagh said...

You have just rcv'ed SP3 by automatica download and your USB powered document shredder has just eaten the office cat , burped up a fur ball and is now snapping at your man "bits". You are manfully trying to complete the final 3 lines of a very hard bit of LS whilst fighting off the amorous advances of a Windoze shredder and your PA who has just dived under the table to save you and has been over whelmed by the sight of your manly ankles.... or something obvious like that

Andy Donaldson said...

A Verizon BlackBerry Curve. Nice device, but wish the announced BlackBerry Bold would be released on Verizon first instead of AT&T

Andy Donaldson said...