Friday, April 4, 2008

GUITAR HERO III....on a BlackBerry?

When I saw this the other day, the date was April 1st so I thought that it was just a joke.
Nope. It's for real. I downloaded the trial version today and I have to admit that it is kinda cool for a BlackBerry game. The trial version included my favorite GH3 song Santana's Black Magic Women, (which I normally rock out with at least a 95% hit rate on the Wii. Easy mode of course). Not sure if I'm going to spend the full $15 bucks for the game or not, but it is something cool to play with on a rainy Friday.
Visit Bplay for more info and to download your free trial too.


丹尼士文摘(佳句庫) said...

What’s wonderful site, dennis from HONG KONG.

Christopher Byrne said...

Hmmm, will that give potential new meaning to "Crackberry"? :-)

Andy Donaldson said...

I'm trying to figure out what key is the "whammy" bar